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Colorado native, Jenny Lynne Salimi, has always had a flare for fashion and passion for innovation. Coupled with her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, the concept of the Brazzle was born.

“I could never find a solution to keep my bra straps from showing when I wore the typical thin-strapped tank top or dress. If you have a full chested figure, don’t even think about wearing a strapless bra as we all know it will end up around your waist. Also, relying on the support of a built-in-bra isn’t an option unless you’re actually going for the uni-boob effect. Not flattering!”

Now you can still wear your favorite spaghetti-strap dress or tank top AND a bra. A set of Brazzles will keep them in place and beautifully aligned.


Click the Brazzle for a chance to be our featured Brazzlista.

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